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Important Farmland Data Availability

The pulldown menus below provide links to FMMP information; the upper menu is for county data, while the lower menu accesses regional and statewide data.  Some older information types may only be available in hardcopy format.




Available information includes:

  • Biennial land use conversion tables

  • Historic data summaries

  • Field analyst reports

  • GIS data and metadata

  • Soil units qualifying for Prime Farmland or Farmland of Statewide Importance


        SELECT A COUNTY:              


Full size county PDF maps are available, beginning with 2006 data.  These large maps are formatted to print on 36" plotters, or zoom in to your area of interest for greater detail.  Individual counties may consist of one to three map sheets; PDF files may be up to 7 MB in size.  Files are posted on our FTP site as they become available. 



Available information includes:

  • Biennial statewide conversion tables

  • Regional tables summarizing urbanization and agricultural conversion

  • The California Farmland Conversion Report      


             SELECT A YEAR:                      


Note: Some files on this site are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) or compressed (ZIP) format.  Utilities to read both are freely available on the internet.  Spreadsheet information is formatted in Excel 2000 for Windows.  Geographic information on the FTP site is posted in ESRI Shape File (SHP) format, with metadata in both XML and HTML formats.

Please contact us via email or at 916-324-0859 if you have additional questions.


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